Mobilier de baie


Marble is being valued for thousands of years for its rich palette of beautiful colors and is the ideal material for any surface in your house. It is usually polished and covers a range of colors from white and light cream to brown, rich red and green, sometimes with highlights of different colors, coming from other materials which were present during the process of metamorphosis.

The colours below are indicative only.
Please contact the sales represenatative in order to see a sample of the chosen material.


For marble tops we recommend you to take into consideration the following:

  • the surface of the product is not infinitely resistant to powerful hits (mechanical shocks caused by metallic or rough objects);
  • placing of very hot objects directly on the surface of the product is not recommended;
  • the surface of the product and the shade colour can be affected by the exposure to various acids and can lead to the erosion of the product's surface;
  • the shade colour can be altered by the exposure to various powerful colouring agents;
  • to clean the surface you should use soft materials and avoid, under any circumstances, abrasive materials, metallic blades or knives;

Storing conditions - we recommend you to store the tops in closed, dry and clean spaces, without oils and other contaminants.

Transportation conditions - on special supports.

Disposal conditions - according to your country legislation.

Not all the materials are in stock. For more details please contact Arthema !



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